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Alex - Chateau Beufort. Luxemburg
Alex - Chateau Beufort. Luxemburg

Woog Riots Animals 2019
I wanna be your dog, 2019

Oktoberfest 2017
Oktoberfest 2017

Oliver Koop
Oliver (Mallorca) with "Post Bomb Chronicles"
fan bag, September 2016.
Oliver directed several videos for Woog Riots.

Zamba (Brazil), countryside of Brazil, June 2012

suessen (D) tepe rockstar's daughter maja

leipzig (D) luka and fabrizio

bristol (uk) modesty blaise garden - veronica and mischa

canaima lagune (venezuela) - werner

piazza san marco (venice / italy) - unknown

mr franke on top of the taapaca pass

roland in front of a travel agency

san francisco - alex

berlin - steffen (the mighty grin department)

tierra del fuego - regina

isola di ischia (italy) - werner

uli fishing in venezuela

rome (italy) - elke holding a woog riots demo in front of the coloseum

ajaccio (corsica) - birthplace of napoleon bonaparte, glyn holding a
woog riots demo in front of napoleon's statue

stonehenge (england) - bill

schloss neuschwanstein (germany) - anthony rizzi, famous dancer
of william forsythe's frankfurt ballet and his own performances

pompei (naples, italy) - mike rizzi
radio dj at kalx berkeley, california

barbara manning, breitenbach (germany)
camping with the woog riots

miss lopez, barcelona

fabrizio, touring with 'the cakekitchen'

saria farr at the golden gate bridge

terri manning, san francisco, april 2003

las vegas arne up on the pizol, switzerland

pietro from olbia, sardegna