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    January 2024: In August 2024 a new Woog Riots album will be released: Collectors of Pop. Collectors of Pop is like a pink piece of cake that you've always wanted to bite into. Featuring twelve songs as colourful as a Wes Anderson film, as snappy as those slogans at a Muhammad Ali press conference and with melodies soft as a kiss from Princess Di.
New Woog Riots album to be released August 2024!

October 2023:
Two upcoming shows in Darmstadt!
14.10.2023 Darmstadt - Herrngarten Aktivspielplatz, 17 Uhr
Darmstadt_Speakers am Feuer

26.10.2023 Darmstadt - Knabenschule
Hank Williams 100th Birthday Tribute Show - Woog Riots will play two sad waltzes written by Hank Williams
Hank Williams 100th Birthday Tribute Show at Bessunger Knabenschule in Darmstadt

January 2023:
An Evening for Sun Ra!
Woog Riots will play together with Knarf Relloem Arkestra at Hoffart Theater Darmstadt on Sunday 22nd, 2023 (presented by Jazzinstitut Darmstadt). For this special occasion Woog Riots will travel the Spaceways...

Woog Riots: An Evening for Sun Ra

June 2022:
With Beatnik, the Woog Riots singles series that started in 2020 will continue. The single + video will be released June 17th, 2022. "Beatnik" is a song by the New Zealand band The Clean. Woog Riots have chosen this song as an homage to their former drummer Tobi Moka who passed away in November 2021.
- single info  "Beatnik" -
pdf-file    German pdf-file

"Slowed down and jerky and quite simply charming with the wonderful organ riff, a true gem of a single." Our Daily Bread 522 -

Not only did Woog Riots cover the song Beatnik but also the original video by The Clean relesead in 1982.
Woog Riots video: Beatnik
Video Woog Riots - Beatnik

April 2022:
plit 7" Vinyl Single between Bristol-based garage-rock punk-blues Duo AlterModerns and Woog Riots released by Formosa Punk Records. Each band contributing a new song. Woog Riots recorded "White". Limited edition black or white vinyl - order from our shop.

Single cover - Woog Riots / AlterModerns split singleg
Single: Woog Riots: White / AlterModerns: Overdose of You
split 7" vinyl
released March 2022

Label: Formosa Punk Records
(SHADE 033)

"Art, ideas, co-operation and experimentation in action ... One Single. Two bands. Great Art. Top Music." Ged Babey -
Single cover - Formosa Punk Records - Split Single Woog Riots / AlterModerns

March 2022:
New single "King of Luxembourg" released March 4th, 2022 (lo-fi 025).
Available through all digital services - see complete list with links. For more information see

Single cover - Woog Riots - King of Luxembourg
: "
King of Luxembourg" (Streaming / Download / Video)
Label: From Lo-Fi to Disco! released March 4th, 2022 (lo-fi 025)

A big "Thank you" to Alex Batt for helping with the video shot in Luxembourg!
Woog Riots video: King of Luxembourg
Video Woog Riots - King of Luxembourg

October 2021: Two of our songs are featured in this great songbook "Ich brauche ein Genie" by Kersty und Sandra Grether. Including 2 collage illustrations by Woog Riots:
collage by Woog Riots

You can listen to our song "Beuys" at the  listening station in the exhibition "Revolution Beuys" in Dortmund (Museum Ostwall) until October 17th 2021.
card "Revolution Beuys" exhibition in Dortmund 2021
Other songs included are "Sonne statt Reagan" by Joseph Beuys himself and "Joseph Beuys Flies Again" by Wild Billy Childish & CTMF.

May 2021: 'Bob Dylan' is the name of the new Woog Riots single released May 14th, 2021 (lo-fi 023). Woog Riots got an invitation to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday with an event in May 2021 in their hometown Darmstadt. Instead of contributing a Dylan cover song Silvana Battisti and Marc Herbert decided to write their own contribution. More informations:
- single info "Bob Dylan"

German pdf-file

Single cover - Woog Riots - Bob Dylan
Single: "Bob Dylan" (Streaming / Download / Video)
Label: From Lo-Fi to Disco! released May 14th, 2021  (lo-fi 023)

For the 'Bob Dylan'-Video Woog Riots asked musicians, film makers, actors and painters from all over the world to show their favorite Dylan album or sing along: Jeffrey Lewis from New York City, Matthias Kom (The Burning Hell) from Canada, Knarf Rellöm from Hamburg, Nan Turner (Nan + the One Nite Stands) from Kansas City and many more.

Woog Riots video: Bob Dylan
Video Woog Riots - Bob Dylan

March 2021: On our label From Lo-Fi to Disco! we released the new Modesty Blaise album 'The Modesty Blaise' on March 26th, 2021. Read more...

December 2020:
“Who Makes the Stars” is Part 3 of our Woog Riots single series 2020/2021. “Who Makes the Stars” is the question you could ask yourself in the summer of 2020  when inexplicable fairy lights appeared in the starry sky. Elon Musk and his company SpaceX launched the project Starlink: a network of fast internet
satellites surrounding the earth in a low orbit.
More infos...

Single cover - Woog Riots - Who makes the Stars
Single: "Who makes the Stars"
(Streaming / Download), released December 4, 2020

Video filmed and directed by Woog Riots. We would like to thank the "Volkssternwarte Darmstadt e.V." and especially Alexander Golitschek for his great help and support!
Woog Riots video: Who makes the Stars
Video Woog Riots - Who makes the Stars

September 2020: New Woog Riots single "Good Scientist" released September 2020 (lo-fi 020). More infos...

Single cover - Woog Riots - Good Scientist
(Streaming / Download), released September 1, 2020
distributed by Broken Silence

And here is the video!
Woog Riots video: Good Scientist
Video Woog Riots - Good Scientist

May 2020: Woog Riots Virtual UK Tour 2020
On Friday, May 22, Woog Riots played a live show which was streamed worldwide on several digital platforms. See the recording here:
Woog Riots Virtual UK Tour 2020 - Bristol

April 2020:
Woog Riots released their new single "Yayoi Kusama" - a tribute to the outstanding Japanese artist famous for polka dots, infinity nets and pumpkin sculptures.

Single cover - Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama
(Streaming / Download / Video), released April 1, 2020
distributed by Broken Silence

Video Thumbnail Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama
Video Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama

February 2020: Our song "Hello Bus Driver" is included on the compilation album "You Don't Have To Be Fashionable Vol.8" by With A Messy Head Paris, France. Listen and download at
Cover of "You Don't Have To Be Fashionable Vol.8" compilation

December 2019:
We contributed a song to a compilation called "Our Favorite Beatle - Friends and Fans Celebrate The Music of Phoebe Kreutz" (
Lousy Moon Records)
. Woog Riots recorded Phoebe's song "Caveman, Caveman". Listen and download at  
Cover Phoebe Kreutz compilation

May 2019: A lot of good reviews came in for "Cut-up and Paste", see Reviews...

April 2019:
Alexander Tundakov made a video for "Revolution (Radio Edit)". Thank you so much Alexander!
Video Woog Riots 'Revolution (Radio Edit)'

Woog Riots performing "To all you Racists" live at ByteFM  in Hamburg.

Woog Riots live at ByteFM

March 2019:
Cover Woog Riots - Cut-up and Paste
New Album "Cut-up and Paste" (Album on Vinyl / CD / DL) released March 1, 2019 Label: From Lo-Fi to Disco! (lo-fi 013) Distributed by Broken Silence

February 2019: D
igital download single "Revolution (Radio Edit)"
(Lennon/McCartney) released February 1 2019 (lo-fi 016). Available through iTunes, SpotifyAmazon and all other digital services.
Cover Revolution

November 2018: Single 'Hello Bus Driver', released November 23, 2018    Label: From Lo-Fi to Disco!  Digital Download Single (lo-fi 014) available through iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Amazon and all other digital services
Cover Hello Bus Driver
The video for "Hello Bus Driver" was directed by Woog Riots and filmed by Woog Riots and Michael Hess. We thank Heag Mobilo for their bus and great help. A very special thank you to the lovely bus driver Mr Satici for driving us safely through the city.
Woog Riots Video 'Hello Bus Driver'

August 2018: Woog Riots will be back in the UK for one exclusive show in London performing songs of their latest album 'Alan Rusbridger'. The show will take place at The Stags Head in Hoxton on August 12th 2018. We will play together with a lot of friends. This is the line-up: Woog Riots, Rude Mechanicals (Jowe Head), Pit Ponies, Scrappy Hood, David Cronenberg‘s Wife, The Stay Aways.

April 2018: Cologne Popfest released "People working with computers" as special edition on a 3½-inch floppy disk. Buy here.
Woog Riots "People working with computers" 3½-inch floppy disks

January 22, 2018:
In 2013 Frankfurt artist Michael Riedel designed the cover artwork for Woog Riots' album 'From Lo-Fi to Disco!'. German Bundesbank has actually given Michael permission to print his own money (called Riedel) on genuine euro banknote paper. Now you have the choice to purchase your personal copy of Woog Riots' album 'From Lo-Fi to Disco!' for 10 Riedel! Buy here.
Ten Riedel

January 5, 2018: Our favorite internet radio ByteFM will broadcast the show Antikörper with an exclusive Woog Riots Antikörper session. Including a new recorded acoustic version of Life Electric (see video). Date: January 12th, 23:00 CET. More information...
Woog Riots ByteFM Antikoerper session

August 2017: Woog Riots single "Monstrous Monsters" is available worldwide for digital download and on all streaming services. 
Artist: Woog Riots - Single Cover Monstrous Monsters

Video Monstrous Monsters
, filmed in Venice / Italy, May 2017.

Video still - Woog Riots - Monstrous Monsters

May 2017:
Woog Riots announced their first ever show in Dublin / Ireland. The show will take place on Saturday June 3rd, 2017  at Whelan's (The Midnight Hour Upstairs) together with The Psychological Enhancement (Dublin).

January 2017: Woog Riots released a video for their song "Emma Momoka" to promote their forthcoming tour in Japan (February / March 2017).
Video still from Woog Riots 'Emma Momoka'

October 2016:
Meet From Lo-Fi to Disco! / Woog Riots at Bime Bilbao (ES) Conference & Festival. Get in contact:
E-Mail Booking Woog Riots

August 2016: Digital Download E.P. "Revisionen Vol. 1", Release Date: 05th August 2016. More informations and music players... Remixes for Woog Riots’ Album ‚Alan Rusbridger‘ by Apollo Lovemachine, Jörn Elling Wuttke and Unicorn Crew.
Artist: Woog Riots

May 2016: Few Music - Interview with Woog Riots: "We caught up with them to talk about politics, dancing, football and the modern world. Throw in the best funeral playlist we've had yet, great tracks from the band themselves and a host of others including The Fall, Martin Creed, Heaven 17 and The Velvets and you've got a great read and listen for a sunny Saturday afternoon."
Few Music - Magazine - Interview with Woog Riots

May 2016:
Tuff City Kids aka Gerd Janson and Philipp Lauer made two amazing remixes of our song "Moscow Domodedovo". It will be released on vinyl / download through (distribution Broken Silence) on May 6th, 2016.
Cover Woog Riots Moscow Domodedovo Remix Single

Alexander Tundakov made another amazing video: Moscow Domodedovo (Tuff City Kids Aeroeffekt Mix).

Video still - Moscow Domodedovo Aeroeffekt

April 2016:
'An act of genius' – Alan Rusbridger the editor on Alan Rusbridger the album! More:

Guardian print

March 2016:
On March 11th the new Woog Riots album "Alan Rusbridger" will be released. Cover Woog Riots album Alan Rusbridger Release date: March 11th 2016 (Vinyl, Download). Label: From Lo-Fi to Disco! Distributed by Broken Silence.,
Shellshock (release date: 22 April 2016)
Free Download: Alan Rusbridger Songbook (pdf, 800 kb)

This is the third video from the album
: George Harrison, filmed and directed by Glyn Bailey.
Video "George Harrison"

February 2016:
First video outtake "Rain" from new album "Alan Rusbridger":The video for "Rain" was written, filmed and directed by Alexander Tundakov in Moscow in 2016. Woog Riots video Rain

Second video outtake from new album "Alan Rusbridger": Moscow Domodedovo, filmed and edited by Jonny Collins.
Video Woog Riots "Moscow Domodedovo"

January 2016:
"Alan Rusbridger" on green vinyl limited to 300 copies.
Release date: March 11th 2016 Alan Rusbridger on green Vinyl
Free Download: Alan Rusbridger Songbook (pdf, 800 kb)

November 2015:
New Woog Riots album
"Alan Rusbridger" is completed. "Alan Rusbridger" was produced by Joern Elling Wuttke, Lolo Bluemler and Woog Riots. Joern Elling Wuttke is known for his work with "Alter Ego" together with his band mate Roman Fluegel.

March 2015:
Our friend Maurici Ribera (Barcelona) released his new single "We Could Be Lovers" via bandcamp. The song was recorded at Woog Riots living room "Mauerstrasse" and features Silvana on additional vocals, melodica and tambourine. Marc played Ukulele.
Vocals and guitar by Maurici Ribera, edited and mastered by Albert Palomar, song written by Maurici Ribera. Maurici Ribera at Mauerstrasse Darmstadt 2014

December 2014:
Woog Riots are busy releasing great music by other artists on their label From Lo-Fi to Disco!: October 2014 we released the electro pop album 'Elektronische Musik' by our friends Umherschweifende Produzenten from Hamburg. Some called it "Kraftwerk going Da Da". On February 27th 2015 we will release 'Random Hurray', the debut album by The Spaghetti Wings - a Hamburg based psychedelic-homerecording pop-duo. Woog Riots are also working on their forthcoming album Alan Rusbridger (to be released in 2015).
Cover Umherschweifende Produzenten - Elektronische Musik

June 2014:
Just found this on YouTube: Someone made a video of "Football 'round the clock". Woog Riots recorded this song in 2006.
 Football round the clock

May 2014:
Download single "The Story of Pop" released through iTunes and all other digital services.

March 2014: Woog Riots had the pleasure to write a 1 minute song for Karl Bruckmaier's new book "The Story of Pop" to be released by Murmann-Verlag on March 4th, 2014.
Front page 'The Story of Pop' The book is a must have for music lovers and even includes a free download of the song. Stream:

December 2013:
Woog Riots song 'Under the X-Mas Treeee' is released on 'A very Cherry Christmas 9' - a compilation CD by Cherryade Records UK.

November 2013:
Under the X-Mas Treeee Third video from the album "From Lo-Fi to Disco!" Filmed and directed by Tobias Schrenk. 
Woog Riots Video: Under The X-Mas Treeee

September 2013:  
Second video outtake is We are not Houston
filmed and directed by Claudia Lehmann, Bernd Lehmann and Sebastian Reimold.
Video 'We are not Houston'.

July 2013:
First video outtake is From Lo-Fi to Disco!
directed by Oliver Koop.
Video From Lo-Fi to Disco!

June 2013
Woog Riots downloads are available via iTunes and all other digital distributors (Label: From LoFi to Disco!).

April 2013: Woog Riots are part of a Mixtape by Left Turn 4 Records (UK). Starting on monday April 8th, you can listen to cool bands and then on April 13th download the whole tape. Click it and have fun every day!! Left Turn 4 Records - Mixtape Spring 2013
Left Turn 4 Records Mixtape Spring 2013 on facebook

February 2013:
 Woog Riots created a song for Michael Riedel’s exhibition Powerpoint at David Zwirner art gallery, New York.

Listen / download at " up-beat, euro-pop dance tune that sounds like a kid’s band version of Kraftwerk with a girl singer. Very fun!" ( Michael Reiedel - Powerpont - Exhibition at David Zwirner, New York
In mailings announcing the opening, a CD was included featuring this song by Woog Riots with lyrics taken verbatim from the text on the show card.

January 2013: 
Woog Riots left their record company "What's So Funny About" and will now operate their own label "From Lo-Fi to
Disco!" (  Logo "From Lo-Fi to Disco!"
The first release by From Lo-Fi to Disco! will be the new Woog Riots album "From Lo-Fi to Disco!". Release date: July 19th 2013 (CD + vinyl). D
istributed by Broken Silence.
UK release date: July 15th, distributed by Shellshock.

October 2012: 
My Disco Is A Rebellious Jukebox
directed by Oliver Koop.
Video 'My Disco Is A Rebellious Jukebox'
Album "Post Bomb Chronicles" Vinyl by Ritchie Records / CD by What's So Funny About distributed by Broken Silence

July 2012: "Jonny Collins, of maverick pop group Modesty Blaise, releases his first solo single on Big Pink Cake. Jonny has recorded a cover version of Commercial Suicide by German punk/pop pioneers Woog Riots, and produced a three-minute ‘cello and oboe inflected slice of wonderpop." Listen to Jonny Collins on Soundcloud... and watch his nice video...

June 2012:
Woog Riots song
"Football Round The Clock" is featured on the Rare Trax Compilation of germany's Rolling Stone Magazine.

April 2012: Album "Post Bomb Chronicles" released. First video outtake is "Last Beat".

Last Beat - Video (directed by Oliver Koop)

December 2011
: Cover version of Sacco & Vanzetti by Ennio Morricone (music) and Franz Josef Degenhardt & Joan Baez (lyrics) with a >>> video <<< made by Hans-J. Brehm,

Woog Riots did this cover as an hommage to Franz Josef Degenhardt for his 80th birthday. Sadly he passed away November 2011.

July 2011: Woog Riots are part of the french KSAT fanzine art project. KSAT Issue No. 4 is focused on 2 questions: What inspire the musicians while composing music? How does that music inspire visual artists? Woog Riots made a collage about things which inspired them to the lyrics of their new song "Counterculture" and Yasmine Tashk draw a comic called "The story of Counterculture". Check out all the other artists involved, listen to the songs and get a copy of KSAT fanzine at

link opens pdf file 'counterculture collage'

July 2010:
Woog Riots were invited by their friend Radiokeg to collaborate on a song for a tribute project to The Wedding Present's 1989 LP "Bizarro". Download the single track "Radiokeg (feat. Woog Riots) - No". Or grab the whole covers LP mp3s here (85.56MB).

September 2009:
- a group of artists from Scotland made a video for the song "King of Pop" (originally released 2004) with a lot of Elvis impersonators.
>>> Short live video: Woog Riots at Goodbye Blue Monday, New York, August 12th 2009.
>>> Woog Riots song "King Midas" released on 14 cd audiobook "Alexander Kluge - Chronik der Gefuehle"

March 2009: Woog Riots 's split single with Schwervon! is due for release on April 5th. Released by Decoy Industry. 80g 7" vinyl in a limited edition of 222 hand numbered units. Schwervon! - 'Ballon' b/w Woog Riots - 'People working with computers'.

October 2008:
video interview plus live performance in a subway train at

September 2008:
video 'Hotel Room'

Filmed and directed by Stefan Neubig and Hedi Haase. >>> video for "Frank backwards"
Video Woog Riots - Frank Backwards
Director: Oliver Koop

April 2008: UK tour photo diary

January 2008: tourblog Finland
      for latest news check also:
Label: From Lo-Fi to Disco!

You can listen to Woog Riots on Bandcamp:
and all other digital services

upcoming shows

From Lo-Fi to Disco!
Woog Riots

26.09.2024 Darmstadt - Künstlerkeller
Record Release Party

past shows

14.10.2023 Darmstadt - Herrngarten Aktivspielplatz, 17 Uhr
Darmstadt_Speakers am Feuer

26.10.2023 Darmstadt - Knabenschule
Hank Williams 100th Birthday Tribute Show.

22.01.2023 Darmstadt - HoffART Theater
Jazzinstitut Darmstadt presents:
An Evening for Sun Ra with Knarf Rellöm Arkestra & Woog Riots
(dazz Festival 2023)

26.11.2022 Hersbruck - Kulturbahnhof

23.07.2022 Darmstadt - KulturKiste Ludwigsplatz (vor C&A)
Auftrittszeit zwischen 15 - 17 Uhr

11.05.2022 Darmstadt - Centralstation
Benefit concert 'We stand with Ukraine' featuring 13 bands. Buy tickets here...

08.10.2021 Darmstadt - Bessunger Knabenschule. Woog Riots are performing their song Bob Dylan during the "Mr. Tambourine Man wird 80" festival. Tickets:

30.11.2019 Darmstadt - Oetinger Villa Achtkleinste AIDS-Gala der Welt

28.09.2019 Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
LoFi-Indie / Slacker-Rock Festival at Kesselhaus: International Music / Hutch Harris (The Thermals) / Woog Riots

Cut-up and Paste Tour 2019
18.04.2019 Wien - Fluc
06.04.2019 Berlin - Monarch
31.03.2019 Offenbach - Hafen 2
(afternoon) 30.03.2019 Köln - Tsunami
29.03.2019 Kiel - Prinz Willy

28.03.2019 Hamburg - Astra-Stube (Labelnight)
27.03.2019 München - Kafe Marat
25.03.2019 Aschaffenburg - Kornhäuschen
22.03.2019 Darmstadt - 806qm

live 2017 / 2018

12.08.18 London (UK) The Stags Head
Festival with Woog Riots, Rude Mechanicals (Jowe Head), Pit Ponies, Scrappy Hood,
David Cronenberg‘s Wife
09.06.18 Darmstadt - Oetinger Villa (supporting Wolf Mountains)
20.04.18 Cologne Popfest !!!!

16.12.17 Mannheim - Altes Volksbad

10.11.17 Tampere (FIN) - Telakka

09.11.17 Helsinki (FIN)
- Siltanen
08.07.17 Aschaffenburg, Kornhaeuschen
03.06.17 Dublin (IRL),
Whelan's (The Midnight Hour Upstairs) together with The Psychological Enhancement (Dublin).

Japan Tour 2017

11.03.17 Tokyo - Koiwa Bushbash
  (+ Sa Yuu, Energish Golf + Kumagusu + Haruko Tajima + younGSounds)
04.03.17 Kobe, der kiten

03.03.17 Kobe, Helluva Lounge (+ Yolz in the Sky + Waikiki Champions + otori)
26.02.17 Kyoto, Socrates (+ Kailios + Miniskirt solo, +  The Fax + Beethoven Frieze)
25.02.17 Osaka, Namba-Bears (+ Yolz in the Sky + Lady Flash + Trespass)

Alan Rusbridger Tour 2016

22.12.16 Darmstadt - Adventswald auf der Piazza
02.12.16 München, Feierwerk (Sunny Red), "get rid! any gender is a drag"
20.08.16 Waldeck, Freakquenz 2016
19.08.16 Darmstadt, Centralstation

04.06.16 Darmstadt, P Party Kunsthalle
20.05.16 München, Suedstadt
19.05.16 Offenbach, Waggon
11.05.16 Mainz,  Dorett Bar (GEILOKAY! with Psycho-Jones & his Pop.Bingo)

06.05.16 Berlin, Flittchenbar
05.05.16 Hamburg, Astra-Stube

05.04.16 Darmstadt, Schlosskeller (Early Late Night Show)
01.04.16 Frankfurt, Tiefengrund
30.03.16 Koeln, Tsunami (+ Desperate Journalist)

03.05.16 Darmstadt, Centralstation Lecture by Christof Meueler about his biography on Alfred Hilsberg plus Woog Riots interview & record spinning! More...

19.Feb.2016 Darmstadt, Designhaus 09.Dec.2015 Darmstadt, Fanshop Boellenfalltor
6.June 2014 Darmstadt - P-Magazin Festival at Weststadtcafe / Ponyhof
8. March 2014 Paris (F) - Le Motel

Tour Finland 2014

8.Feb. Jyväskylä - Vakiopaine 
7.Feb. Tampere -
at Artturi (+ The New Tigers)

6.Feb. Turku - Bar Kuka
5.Feb. Helsinki - Siltanen (Oire-klubi)

From Lo-Fi to Disco! Tour - Autumn 2013 presented by ByteFMCULTurMAGINTRO
28.Sept. Hamburg - Reeperbahnfestival 26.Sept. Braunschweig - Riptide
22.Sept. Muenchen - Milla
Sept. Berlin - Madame Claude
20.Sept. Frankfurt - Freitagskueche
19.Sept. Darmstadt - Kuenstlerkeller

UK Tour - Summer 2013

27.July Ripley - Indietracks Festival  (+ The Pastels, Helen Love, Camera Obscura + many more)
24.July Edinburgh - Wee Red Bar (+ Spook School, Finnmark)
23.July Glasgow - Glad Café (+ Tunnabunny, Spook School)
21.July London - Odd Box at Buffalo Bar
(+ Arts & Leisure, Tyrannosaurus Dead
, Fulhast
19.July Leeds - The Fenton (+ Racket Ball, Container Drivers)
18.July Huddersfield - Bar 1:22 (+ Container Drivers)
17. July Manchester - KRAAK (+ Glyn Bailey and the Many Splendid Things, Amida)
14.July London - 100 Years Gallery (+ Jowe Head)
12.July Bristol - The Thunderbolt (+ Modesty Blaise)
11.July Ramsgate - Caboose
11.May2013 Plock (Poland) - MajUnia Festival
01.Dec.2012 Darmstadt - Woogsinsel 
"En Woog" Book Release
21.Oct.2012 Strasbourg (F) - Galerie No Smoking
20.Oct.2012 Freiburg - Slowclub
19.Oct.2012 Darmstadt - Das Blumen
18.Oct.2012 Wuerzburg - Club L
05.Oct.2012 Berlin - Hotel Michelberger
(+ dj set)
03.Oct.2012 Hamburg - Golden Pudel Club (hosted by Fuerst Mittwoch)

07.July2012 Sailauf - Tsukahara Festival
06.July2012 Darmstadt - CageStage Hauptbahnhof (John Cage Lecture + live show)
15.June2012 Frankfurt - Schirn (opening of Michael Riedel's exhibition "Kunste zur Text")
26.May2012 Darmstadt - Schlossgrabenfest
25.May2012 Frankfurt/M. - Bett (+ Fnessnej)
24.May2012 Dresden - Ostpol
23.May2012 Geislingen / Steige - Seemuehle
22.May2012 Mannhein - Der Bock
21.May2012 Bamberg – Live Club
20.May2012 Nuernberg - Hemdendienst
19.May2012 Leipzig - Cammerspiele
18.May2012 Chemnitz - Atomino
17.May2012 Berlin - Schokoladen
12.May2012 Aschaffenburg - Beatbaracke (+ Doctorella + Wora Wora Washington)
05.May2012 Hamburg - Astra-Stube
01.May2012 Frankfurt/M. - Zoom (supporting YACHT)
30.July.2011 Frankfurt/M. - Christopher Street Day, Festwagen Linke + DJ Set
22.July.2011 Dro, Trentino (Italy) - Festival Centrale Fies
21.July.2011 Calamandrana, Piemont (Italy) - Calamandrana Alta - Palchetto

08.July.2011 Wiesbaden - Kreativfabrik

23.Feb.2011 Frankfurt/M. - Yellowstage (Hazelwoodstock Musikfestival)
28.Dec.2010 Darmstadt - Hoff-ART Theater (Gute Stube)
15.Dec.2010 Wiesbaden - Schlachthof (+ The Indelicates)
04.Dec.2010 Berlin - Madame Claude
20.Nov.2010 Wien - Rhiz ((Club Popo)) + The Nobody's Faults
19.Nov.2010 München - Rationaltheater (+ Luise Pop)
18.Nov.2010 Würzburg - Club L (+ Luise Pop)
13.Nov.2010 Darmstadt - Goldene Krone (+ Paraneuja, Cap'n Arcade)
12. Nov 2010 Bielefeld - AJZ
30.Oct.2010 Stuttgart - Zwölfzehn
29.Oct2010 Dordrecht (NL) - Bobby Kinghe
28.Oct.2010 Gronau - Rock’n’Popmuseum
21.Jun.2010 Hannover - Fête de la Musique,
18.Jun.2010 Marburg - Bettenhaus Open Air
20.May 2010 Frankfurt/M. - Silbergold
08.May 2010 Aschaffenburg - JUKUZ / Beatbaracke
05.March.2010 Darmstadt - Das Blumen (+ Brook Pridemore)
15.Feb.2010 Wiesbaden - Schlachthof (+ Chokebore)
06.Feb.2010 Darmstadt - Schlosskeller (+ Abby)
05.Feb. 2010 Berlin - NBI / Popmonitor (+ Protokumpel)
04.Feb.2010 Hamburg - Astra-Stube (+ Misses Next Match)
12.Dec. 2009 Marburg - Café Trauma
11.Dec.2009 Leipzig - Ilses Erika Leipzig
10.Dec.2009 Grosshennersdorf - Kunstbauerkino
21.Nov.2009 Brescia (IT) La Nave di Harlock
06.Nov.2009 Frankfurt/M. - Hazlewood Yellow Stage
17.Oct.2009 London (UK) - Cross Kings (+ Television Personalities, Corporal Machine & the Bombers, Milk Kan)
16.Oct.2009 Leeds (UK) - Carpe Diem
(live show + DJ set!) + rob galloway & the yalla yallas
15.Oct.2009 Blackpool (UK) - West Coast Cafe (+ Glyn Bailey + The Container Drivers)
14.Oct.2009 Birmingham (UK) - The Hare & Hounds (+ Kate Goes)
12.Okt.2009 London (UK) - The Wilmington Arms (+ Ste McCabe, Horowitz)
11.Oct.2009 Ramsgate (UK) - Belgian Cafe (+ Le Carnival Electronique)
10.Oct.2009 Dordrecht (NL) - Café Arina
09.Oct.2009 Paderborn - Cube
03.Oct.2009 Rosenheim - Asta-Kneipe
(live show + DJ set!)
02.Okt.2009 Graz (AT) - Steirischer Herbst Festivalzentrum
13.Aug.2009 New York (US) -Sidewalk Cafe
(+ Preward Yardsale, Dufus and more)
12.Aug.2009 New York (US) -
Goodbye Blue Monday (+ Schwervon, Dufus, Urban Barnyard)
08.Aug.2009 San Francisco (US) - Hemlock + Barbara Manning & The Sleaze Tax
07.Aug.2009 Chico (US) - Empire Coffee + Barbara Manning & The Sleaze Tax
25.Jun.2009 Wien (AT) - Fluc

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