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  Perverted by Mark E.

See "Perverted by Mark E." tour diary and photos at

  June 17th 2004: more songs from "Perverted by Mark E." have been played by John Peel on BBC1:
Knarf Rellöm & DJ Patex with Phil Hayes (D): How I Wrote Mark E. Smith
The Container Drivers (UK) - The Ex-Members of the Fall Club
Jeffrey Lewis (US) - The Story of The Fall

  from the May 28th Independent:
"For listeners - and perhaps band members - the world of The Fall has no road map. It's instinctual music and, for Smith at least, there's not much to explain - at least not directly. His aversion to explanation forces you to make your own way through his songs, as a new tribute album from Germany, the excellently idiosyncratic Perverted By Mark E , demonstrates. Mixing weird and eclectic cover versions with song tributes from the likes of Jowe Head and The Container Drivers, it gets a thumbs-up even from its subject."

  See the illustrated version of Jeffrey Lewis' song "The Story of The Fall" at

  Tuesday April 27th - Keg from The Container Drivers wrote:
"I tuned into John Peel's show this evening as usual. After about 20 minutes he said that he'd received a
copy of the Fall tribute CD over the weekend. He said it was the most interesting CD he got last week.
He said that he hadn't heard all of the CD yet, but he would play lots off it over the next
few weeks. Excellent! As a beginning, he played the Jeffrey Lewis song from CD2."
  Stefan from Fall-Net ( wrote about "Perverted by Mark E.":
"It's really a great package and deserves a place in all Fall fan homes."