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  PERVERTED BY MARK E. - A Tribute to The Fall
Official Press Release by ZickZack Records
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The Fall are Mark E. Smith. He would be nothing without them, they would be nothing without him. Formed more than 25 years ago. Post punk, wicked, inscrutable, stoic, intelligent, unapproachable. Changing line-ups, from the original founding members only the master himself is left today.
Still their sound has been scarcely modified. Even those tracks of The Fall which Mark E. Smith had been barely involved in are a testament to his mind. Alcohol, drugs, on tour: the proverbial good old rock’n’roll-life is led by and for The Fall. Though nobody knows too much about Mark E. Smith. John Peel, probably his greatest fan, reports of seeing Mark E. Smith once in a while.Not knowing what to say, Mark E. Smith would tap him on the shoulder in a considerate way. That was it. Maybe there is hardly anything else since the guy has dissolved into music.

Due to the formation Woog Riots there finally exists this tribute sampler. “Perverted By Mark E.” refers to The Fall’s marvellous album title “Perverted By Language.” The material on these CDs is extremly disperate – odd cover versions, attempts of an as-far-as-possible-imitation of the original, best wishes from an often considerable distance, guitars and sometimes computer build fantasized associations of the theme.

For this compilation the wonderful, legendary and wrongfully unknown I, Ludicrous contributed their share. A compilation that promoted reconciliation among the painfully missed Locust Fudge after so many years cannot be wrong. And whoever manages to wrest an exclusive contribution from such different figures like Chris Knox, Egoexpress, Klaus Walter or Michaela Melian cannot lie. For that reason alone this record is real. Moreover, the compilation principle has been perfectly understood – it’s your favourite tape which no one has, wittily composed, sensitive, carefully thought out. No rush in with secondary use label rarities. Originality is in demand.

Above all this double album is real because all artists working off on The Fall here have somehow struck the right note – in their particular style. We listen to distorted voices, a stiff, mechanical beat, someone turns the regulators to get the guitars to the front or keep them in the back. In many ways this is a strange record, both peculiar and familiar. Hard to imagine, but it is through and through good pop. –Thanks to the probably most malicious old man of rock-no-rock, anti-entertainer, misanthrope, king of the drunkards and certainly the most important slurring singer of world history – just Mark E. Smith. So, all artists involved know one thing for sure: the hiss of the diabolic star, a delicate, mean
S-s-s-shh, revealing itself even in words like “that,” is better not imitated. One would simply look like an idiot. The Fall are loved from a distant point. They must be loved at a distance, in a peculiar and independent manner. Insofar God Smith has created all of us. Maybe against his very own will.

Record-Release-Party: 19.05.04 Darmstadt – 603 qm
Further dates for live shows in may/ june following soon!