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June 2022: The single + video "Beatnik" has been released June 17th, 2022. "Beatnik" is a song by the New Zealand band The Clean. Woog Riots have chosen this song as an homage to their former drummer Tobi Moka who passed away in November 2021. Not only did Woog Riots cover the song Beatnik but also the original video by The Clean relesead in 1982.
Woog Riots video: Beatnik
Video Woog Riots - Beatnik

March 2022:  "King of Luxembourg" has been released March 4th, 2022 (lo-fi 025). A big "Thank you" to Alex Batt for helping with the video shot in Luxembourg!
Woog Riots video: King of Luxembourg
Video Woog Riots - King of Luxembourg

May 2021: 'Bob Dylan' is the name of the new Woog Riots single released May 14th, 2021 (lo-fi 023).
Woog Riots video: Bob Dylan
Video Woog Riots - Bob Dylan

For the 'Bob Dylan'-Video Woog Riots asked musicians, film makers, actors and painters from all over the world to show their favorite Dylan album or sing along: Jeffrey Lewis from New York City, Matthias Kom (The Burning Hell) from Canada, Knarf Rellöm from Hamburg, Nan Turner (Nan + the One Nite Stands) from Kansas City and many more.

December 2020: “Who Makes the Stars” is Part 3 of our Woog Riots single series 2020/2021. “Who Makes the Stars” is the question you could ask yourself in the summer of 2020  when inexplicable fairy lights appeared in the starry sky. Elon Musk and his company SpaceX launched the project Starlink: a network of fast internet satellites surrounding the earth in a low orbit. More infos...
Woog Riots video: Who makes the Stars
Video Woog Riots - Who makes the Stars

September 2020:
 New Woog Riots single "Good Scientist" released September 2020 (lo-fi 020). More infos...

And here is the video!
Woog Riots video: Good Scientist
Video Woog Riots - Good Scientist

May 2020:
Woog Riots Virtual UK Tour 2020
On Friday, May 22, Woog Riots played a live show which was streamed worldwide on several digital platforms. See the recording here:
Woog Riots Virtual UK Tour 2020 - Bristol

April 2020:
Woog Riots released their new single "Yayoi Kusama" - a tribute to the outstanding Japanese artist famous for polka dots, infinity nets and pumpkin sculptures. 
Video Thumbnail Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama
Video Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama

April 2019: Alexander Tundakov made a video for "Revolution (Radio Edit)". Thank you so much Alexander!
Video Woog Riots 'Revolution (Radio Edit)'

December 2018: The video for "Hello Bus Driver" was directed by Woog Riots and filmed by Woog Riots and Michael Hess. We thank Heag Mobilo for their bus and great help. A very special thank you to the lovely bus driver Mr Satici for driving us safely through the city.
Woog Riots Video 'Hello Bus Driver'

August 2017: Woog Riots single "Monstrous Monsters" is available worldwide for digital download and on all streaming services.
Video still - Woog Riots - Monstrous Monsters
Video Monstrous Monsters, filmed in Venice / Italy, May 2017.

January 2017: Woog Riots released a video for their song "Emma Momoka" to promote their forthcoming tour in Japan (February / March 2017).
Video still from Woog Riots 'Emma Momoka'


February 2016: This is the first video outtake "Rain" from the new album "Alan Rusbridger". The video for "Rain" was written, filmed and directed by Alexander Tundakov in Moscow in 2016.
Woog Riots video Rain

Second video outtake from new album "Alan Rusbridger": Moscow Domodedovo, filmed and edited by Jonny Collins.
Video Woog Riots "Moscow Domodedovo"

March 2016:
On March 11th the new Woog Riots album "Alan Rusbridger" will be released. This is the third video from the album: George Harrison, filmed and directed by Glyn Bailey.
Video "George Harrison"

April 2016: Moscow Domodedovo (Tuff City Kids Aeroeffekt Mix) directed by Alexander Tundakov

Video still - Moscow Domodedovo Aeroeffekt

June 2014: Just found this on YouTube: Someone made a video of "Football 'round the clock". Woog Riots recorded this song in 2006. Worldcup here we go!
Football round the clock

November 2013: Under the X-Mas Treeee
Third video from the album "From Lo-Fi to Disco!" Filmed and directed by Tobias Schrenk. 
Woog Riots Video: Under The X-Mas Treeee



September 2013: Second video from the album" From Lo-Fi to Disco!"  We are not Houston was filmed and directed by Claudia Lehmann, Bernd Lehmann and Sebastian Reimold.
Video 'We are not Houston'.

July 2013: New album From Lo-Fi to Disco! First video outtake is From Lo-Fi to Disco!
directed by Oliver Koop.
Video From Lo-Fi to Disco!

October 2012: My Disco is a Rebellious Jukebox
Directed by Oliver Koop.
Video 'My Disco Is A Rebellious Jukebox'
Album "Post Bomb Chronicles"
Vinyl by Ritchie Records / CD by What's So Funny About
distributed by Broken Silence

  April 2012: new album "Post Bomb Chronicles" released. First video outtake is "Last Beat".
Video Last Beat
Last Beat - Video (directed by Oliver Koop)



December 2011: Cover version of Sacco & Vanzetti by Ennio Morricone (music) and Franz Josef Degenhardt & Joan Baez (lyrics) with a >>> video <<< made by Hans-J. Brehm,

Woog Riots did this cover as an hommage to Franz Josef Degenhardt for his 80th birthday. Sadly he passed away November 2011.

October 2008: Frank backwards from the album "pasp". Filmed and directed by Oliver Koop. Watch also his other videos on
Video Woog Riots - Frank Backwards

February 2009: People working with computers from the album "pasp". Filmed and directed by Tobias Lauer (
Video People working with computers

September 2009: - a group of artists from Scotland made a video for the song "King of Pop"  with a lot of Elvis impersonators (originally released as a vinyl single 2004).

September 2008: video 'Hotel Room' from the album "pasp".
Filmed and directed by Stefan Neubig and Hedi Haase.

  May 2006: "Frankenstein Tattoo" from the album "Strangelove TV". Filmed and directed by Markus Hoffmann.  


Last update: June 15, 2022